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Gas Leak
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Gas Leak Detection Services - Campbelltown, Western Sydney & Hills District

Natural gas has two main features that people prefer as a fuel: it’s cheap and has relatively less negative impact on the environment as compared to electricity. It is used for heating, cooking and other needs. 

However, as gas is flammable, any high amount of gas leak can cause a great deal of damage to your home and also can be fatal. Also, small amounts can also be bad too to some people, because it can cause health complications.

Our certified and professional plumbers have the right combination of tools, knowledge and agility to help you out with your gas leak detection problem. Even when you are in Emergency, we are there to help.

Gas Leak Detection

Emergency measures to take when gas leaks:

Gas leakage detection is generally associated with strong smell. The gas you use is naturally without odour, but the smell you sense when a gas leaks is of another chemical that is added to the gas so that it is detectible when it leaks. However, not only smell, there are many other indicators that you can use to understand that gas is leaking. They could be:

Considering on the gravity of situation, follow the below steps if you suspect gas leak:

First, turn off all gas appliances and pilot lights and then turn off the supply of the gas meter. Open the doors and windows which give ample ventilation and way for the gas to escape. Remember to not to do anything that can incite fire, at least a spark.

After making sure that you are safe, contact us and our experienced plumbers would come to solve the problem.

Dependable Gas leak detection and repairs:

As with any problem, the first and the most important step would be its identification. The gas.

Our services are available 24/7 on all days of the year — whenever you feel the need for us, call us and we would swiftly arrive for solving your problem!

leak could be happening from anywhere from pipes to appliances. Our certified and experienced plumbing professionals would use various technologies to detect the source and from that information, appropriate repair methods would be determined.

Then, the repair process is diligently and fastly completed and finally, it is made sure that you, your family and your home is safe again.

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